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The Horizon game released in Beta form on 15th of December 2016, in web version, iOS and Android. It involves a main Map screen called the Crash Site, which is similar to a Council on the Spirit Animals game.

Players create a character, and can choose their own name, clothes and hairstyle, hair and eye color.

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The Map

On the Map, a Wardrobe is found and the character Fatima, who sells certain game related materials. On weekends (Saturday and Sunday), the characters of Soo-jin, Jay and Valeria also appear on the map, where Soo-jin sells clothes, Jay sells blueprints and Valeria will unlock an Epic Luggage for 100 Energy.

The Adventure point, Combobulator and Sequencer devices are also located on the Map. The actual game can be accessed from the Adventure point. This involves navigating through a 2D game in the forest, to reach a site where 3 Luggages are located, one which can be unlocked for free, one which requires 1 Lockpick, and one which requires 2 Lockpicks. Lockpicks can be bought for 50 Energy from Fatima.