Deadzone is the 2nd book of the series. It was written by Jennifer Nielsen and released on the 12th of September 2017.

Synopsis Edit

The survivors have made it out of the jungle, but they may be sorry they ever left when they stumble upon a whole new ecosystem, populated with entirely new threats.

And the greatest threat of all may come from within. Because one of the kids is changing...

The seven-book series begun by #1 New York Times bestseller Scott Westerfeld only gets bigger and bolder under the frenzied imagination of bestselling, critically acclaimed author Jennifer A. Nielsen!

Plot Edit

After surviving the crash of Aero Horizon Flight 16, Molly, Javi, Anna, Oliver, Yoshi,Caleb, Akiko and Kira found themselves in a forest in the middle of the Arctic. After losing Caleb while experimenting with a strange device they found, the group decided to travel to the building at the end of the rift.